Where to find portable oxygen tanks

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Portable oxygen tanks are not difficult to find because there are many different companies selling a variety of versions of the tanks. Some are made to fit into a specified backpack while others can be wheeled around on the portable oxygen tanks trolleys that are designed to transport bigger tanks. No matter what size tank you need and for what purpose you need it there will be a product on the market to suit you.

Oxygen tanks can be used for oxyacetylene welding for under water adventures through scuba gear or miniature submarine, an oxygen tank for medical purposes such as in an ambulance or doctor’s surgery and probably the most common as a home oxygen kit to help with bed ridden patients or those with breathing problems.

Sir Edmond Hillary used oxygen tanks to help him reach the top of Mount Everest where oxygen levels are low and the chances of passing out from a lack of oxygen is high. The first man to walk on the moon also had to rely on oxygen tanks in both his space suit and the moon landing module. Oxygen is a way of maneuvering space craft and even boats though the boats do not rely on portable oxygen tanks.

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