Types of Portable Oxygen Tanks

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Oxygen concentrators, and portable oxygen systems as well as masks are usually used by disabled, handicapped, elderly, or other breathing impaired persons in the convalescent hospital, skilled nursing, assisted living facility or in a home care environment. Patients who have trouble getting enough oxygen from breathing normal air can be assisted by breathing more purified oxygen from an oxygen concentrator.  Oxygen concentrators are electric machines that turn normal room air into a more concentrated amount of oxygenated air. The oxygen delivery rate can be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient by setting the oxygen concentrator flow meter.


There are basically four main types of oxygen concentrators that provide therapy at home.

1. Compressed Gas Portable Oxygen Tank


This is a model that has been around for a while and is only used for portable use. This model comes in three sizes: large, medium, and small. All portable oxygen tanks for sale have a regulator to control the rate of the flow. You connect to the portable oxygen tanks via your cannula and oxygen delivered to your lungs each time you take a breath.

One drawback to portable oxygen tanks is that you have to always have enough tanks on hand so you do not run out, which means lots of visits from your oxygen provider and lots of tanks to store.

2. Liquid Oxygen


This method stores very cold liquid oxygen in a Thermos-type of container. You transfer this to a smaller delivery device to use in and out of the house. When the liquid oxygen is released, it changes back to a gas so that you can breathe in it. When using this type of oxygen concentrator, you need to be very careful to avoid any injury.

3. Standard Oxygen Concentrator


These electric devices work by separating the oxygen out of the air around you and storing it for you to breathe better. The only drawback tot his type of oxygen concentrator is that the device can be used only in the house, since it is not portable. Nevertheless, they come with a portable option such as a portable oxygen tanks in order to give the user both a stationary and portable oxygen device.

4. Portable Oxygen Concentrators


This type of oxygen device is small and allows the user much greater independence than other methods of oxygen therapy. Many of these portable oxygen concentrators are mainly for travelling purposes. This particular device is approved by all US airlines, so you will have no problem taking with you on board of a plane.

These oxygen concentrators are great devices for patients who need assistance in breathing easier. With the help of these devices, people are no longer restrained to staying inside the house. They have the freedom to go wherever they please and breathe fresh and clean air at all times.


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