The Portable Oxygen Device That Changed Oxygen Therapy

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Portable oxygen tanks are not what they used to be once. Today, they are lightweight, small and can be taken anywhere without a problem. There are new systems that feature fiber-wrapped oxygen cylinders, horizontal, vertical, backpack or fanny pack style carrying bags, as well as cart, supply, regulator and cannula tubing, so the diversity is amazing.

Nonetheless, how would it be if you would have all you need in one device?


The Inogen One medical oxygen equipment is the answer and the best solution to your problem, providing you the independence you were looking for, but even more. Using this device, you won’t have to watch the clock or simply guess how long your oxygen supplies will last. Such a device is not only stationary, not only a portable one, but it has been designed to meet all your needs.


In the past, mobility for many patients was no longer an option, but due to the Inogen One, medical oxygen therapy has changed a lot. This new device is small, lightweight, quiet, easy to use and also energy efficient. Through it, people don’t have to use several devices for different uses when they are sleeping, at home or when they are travelling, as now they can do all these without a problem.





Inogen portable oxygen concentrator’s technology and concept are tested and clinically validated through science and work, many studies being published in clinical peer reviews journals.

The company has also done studies to compare nocturnal oxygenation with continuous flow between its products and others and results proved that Inogen products are reliable and also very helpful.


People that suffer from respiratory disorders can now travel without a problem as long as they use such high quality products. They can now restore their independence and regain control over their lives. The Inogen One is a modern device great also for travelling that can be plugged in a DC outlet in your car or into a wall outlet or people can use rechargeable batteries that last for hours. Such an incredible device can follow people anywhere and they can also enjoy a vacation or a long weekend without a problem.

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