Portable Oxygen Tanks Backpack

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Most bags used to carry portable oxygen have a strap that fits over only one shoulder. As even portable oxygen usually weighs around ten pounds, this can give you an uncomfortable lop-sided feeling after awhile. You may even strain or injure the shoulder you use to carry your oxygen bag.

A healthier choice is a portable oxygen tank backpack. Unlike a bag, a backpack has straps that fit over both shoulders, evenly distributing the weight of the oxygen. Like the portable oxygen bags, they are durable and machine washable. A basic oxygen tank backpack will only set you back $20 to $40, with special features increasing the price, of course.

And—good news for the bargain hunters—this is one of the rare times when buying used oxygen equipment isn’t bad. If you can find a good used portable oxygen tank backpack, you can probably cut your price by almost half.  

Oxygen backpacks have some interesting variations. There is a company in Colorado, Busy Breather, that has designed a portable oxygen backpack for parents of young children who need oxygen. The backpack not only accommodates the oxygen tank, it can also be used to carry the day to day things all kids need like diapers, toys and bottles.

Some people have such severe difficulty breathing that carrying oxygen around, even for a short distance, is out of the question. In cases such as this, a service dog trained to work with home oxygen patients can be a tremendous help. And yes, there are backpacks service dogs can use to carry oxygen for their companions. They can be found at ActiveDogs.com.

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