Portable Oxygen Tanks And Health Conditions

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Your doctor has prescribed you home oxygen treatment because your blood oxygen level is low. The effects of a low oxygen concentration may affect seriously your heart and brain.

Therefore, you need an equipment to raise your blood oxygen to a level that prevents such problems. Home or outside home oxygen treatment relieves breathlessness and various symptoms such as blue lips and ankle swelling.


Another symptom of a low oxygen level in your blood is fatigue, mainly after you walk or cough. Fortunately, using a portable oxygen tank at home eliminates or diminishes all these problems.

Additionally, activities that were difficult to do, will be now easier. Oxygen therapy is very useful and can help many people with a lot of health conditions such as:

  • obstructive sleep apnoea – a disorder that causes interrupted breathing while sleeping


  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – is a disease that affects the lungs and lasts long
  • pulmonary hypertension refers to high pressure inside the arteries to the lungs; it causes damage to the right-hand side of the heart
  • severe and long-term asthma
  • cystic fibrosis – causes the lungs become clogged with thick and sticky mucus, being an inherited disease
  • diseases of the muscles and nerves


Some people need oxygen therapy for longer periods of time, while others for a shorter time and during the night. There are several companies that manufacture portable oxygen tanks. The equipment you choose will be brought to you. It will be installed and you will be explained how to use it by one of the oxygen company’s engineers.

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