How To Use A Portable Oxygen Tank

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There are many situations in which patients can find themselves in the need of supplemental oxygen. Portable oxygen tanks are simply available for all such patients. These are portable devices that can easily be carried around for patients to have access to supplemental oxygen as soon as needing it. Using a portable oxygen tank to administer emergency oxygen is really easy.


Below you will find some information on how to use a portable oxygen tank. Make sure to keep these tips in mind, as they can be quite valuable.

1. First, attach the oxygen regulator to the oxygen tank valve. Then, you have to screw the regulator into the valve and tighten it with the required tool. This aspect may vary depending on the type of oxygen provision system each device will include.

2. Attach the oxygen mask hoses to the regulator. Start by screwing the demand valve mask onto the port. Naturally, this is the mask that provides oxygen to the patient in need. You may also attach a non-rebreather mask. If you have no idea what such a mask is you should know that it can provide either a constant supply of oxygen or it can actually be used as demand valve.


3. The third step you will have to complete is opening the oxygen tank valve.

4. Check the regulator pressure gauge with the purpose to find out how much oxygen is there left in the tank.

5. Be careful when setting the oxygen flow rate. It should be established at a rate of about 15 liters per minute.

6. The last step you will have to complete is putting the mask on. In case you prepare the portable oxygen tank for someone else, you should instruct your patient on how the device works and how to breathe.


Now that you know how to use your portable oxygen tank, you should also find out what to do when you are not using this device. Turn off the tank when not in use. This way you will prevent the waste of the oxygen. Keep in mind the fact that oxygen under high pressure has to be stored in certain safe conditions. Just be careful at the way you handle your portable oxygen tank and you can be sure that you will always have a source of supplemental oxygen at your disposal.

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